All fees listed below are flat fees. All other work is hourly. A discounted hourly rate is available for small businesses and non-profit organizations for hourly work. Work for clients in most employment discrimination/harassment matters is done on an hourly or contingency fee basis.

More complex estate plan documents, distribution provisions and asset descriptions may result in an increased fee to be disclosed to the client before work is begun. Additional costs include recording fees and notary fees for virtual representation services.

Each client will agree to and sign a written fee agreement prior to an attorney-client relationship being established.

Trust Package (Revocable Trust, Will, AHCD, DPOA, HIPAA, CERT, 1 Deed) – $1,800/single, $2,500/couple

Simple Revocable Trust/Restatement of Simple Revocable Trust – $1,200.00

Will Package (Will, AHCD, DPOA, HIPAA) – $1,000/single, $1,500/couple

Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) – $300/single, $500/couple

HIPAA Release Authorization (HIPAA) – $100/single, $150/couple

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) – $300/single, $500/couple

Community Property Agreement (CPA) – $1,200

Certification of Trust (CERT) – $200

Simple Trust Amendment – $250/page

LLC Operating Agreement – $1,500

LLC Formation – $500 + costs

Buy-Sell Agreement – $2,000

Trust Funding – $200/asset, or by the hour

Real Property Deeds – $200/deed

Hourly Work – $280/hour